pets: cat "venus", dog "daisy may"
religion: brought up protestant
favorite color: green
favorite candy: reese's peanut butter cups, creamy
high school: graduated from mercer high in 1983
college: 1 year at allegheny college
majors: computer engineering and music
instruments: keyboard / piano, guitar, saxophone, and trumpet
tattoos: none ("I donīt like shit on me")
smoke: n/a (his father did gave him his first joint)
drink: yes, but not anymore. got clean a few years ago
drugs: very much in the past. got clean now.
sexual preference: who knows...does it really matter?
present car: $100,000 silver porsche (his "fun-car")
best kiss: "from my dog"
trentīs fitst kiss was when he was ten and he lost his virginity when he was fifteen.