hE cOulDn´t BeLievE hOw eAsy iT wAs

hE pUt tHe Gun iNtO hiS faCe


sO muCh blOoD fOr sUch a tiNy liTtle hOle

pRobLemS hAvE sOluTioNs

a liFeTimE oF fuCkiNg tHinGs

uP fiXeD iN oNe DetErMinEd flAsh

eVeRythiNg´s bLuE iN tHis WorLd

tHe dEePesT sHaDe oF muShrOom bLuE

All fuzZy sPiLliNg oUt oF mY hEad

(tReNt rEzNor, tHe dOwNwArd sPirAl)